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Is this a suitable D/P?

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I was just wondering if around 8000 is good for a d/p, i am 19 in college and wait tables for a good amount of money and I want to have fun for the rest of my college days. I make about 60/day.
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HunterA said:
damnit i hope when other people are right and I am wrong. Are there any college joba that can pay for it? If not Ill go and buy an RSX-S used.
dood. please, i'm beggin' you. make college your highest/only goal and you'll be able to get dream cars with regularity in the not too distant future.

have you seen that tv ad where the young kid is driving a bimmer and his friends are in dodges. they're all planning a bash but he can't attend cuz he's gotta working. at the party, the door bell rings and the pizza delivery boy is the kid with the bimmer. homey is working for a car. that could be you in college. no parties, no ridiculous spring break trips, no reckless trips to europe, all cuz you're working for a car and not studying to top it off.

if you want a sweeeeet car, look seriously at the neon srt-4. very large testicles and less than $20k!!!

1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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