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Is this a suitable D/P?

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I was just wondering if around 8000 is good for a d/p, i am 19 in college and wait tables for a good amount of money and I want to have fun for the rest of my college days. I make about 60/day.
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Kind of a fancy car for a 19 yr old.

@60 a day? you can't afford an STi with that kind of money, plain and simple...even if you were making that FULL TIME. Go for the 2.5 RS instead.

And that girl you just picked up? Don't let it turn into a long-term relationship unless she's rich :lol:
$100/day is still not that much...unless it's 100% disposable income...
$3000 a month take home (after Uncle Sam's cut) would work...
HunterA said:
And money for if I get into an accident and others.
Don't get into an accident and save the money for mods :lol:
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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