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Hey everyone, I'm new to the board, but I'm very familiar with WRXs and the specs on the new STi. I'm wrestling with the decision to buy one, even though I already have a $1000 (refundable) deposit at one dealer, and I'm on the list of another dealer who isn't taking deposits.

Here's the situation: I have a 2000 BMW 323Ci with 28K miles on it. I take the train to NYC everyday, so I only drive it on the weekends. Hell, I've had the car for 39 months and only have that many miles on it!

What does everyone think about the resale on an STi in five years time, one that has low miles on it (probably about 40K)? I'm just wondering if I should hold my AWD/turbo urges in check or if I should just go ahead and buy the damn thing.

Reasons to buy:
1) 4 doors - I just had a kid and I'd like to be able to cart him around in something a little quicker than a CR-V (although I love that car!)
2) AWD - I live in Connecticut so this is definitely a factor (although I never HAVE to drive my car, since the only driving I do is on the weekends).
3) 300 lb-ft torque - Forget the horsepower, give me gobs of torque anyday!
4) Cheaper to service and maintain than my Bimmer
5) It's the latest greatest nastiest machine out in years

Reasons not to buy:
1) THE WING! - I wonder if the ridiculous (IMHO) wing will be an option or not, and if not I wonder how much body work the trunk will need after I pull the damn thing off (first day home from dealership)
2) Does it make sense to sell my cherry Bimmer to buy a car that I won't ever drive?
3) That's all I can think of.

OK guys, let me know your thoughts. Of course you'll all going to say "Buy it! Buy it!" because this is, after all, an STi website. I'm still intersted in any points I haven't thought of.

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I would keep your BMW. The reasons behind this are:

1)..resale on the STi is no where near the BMW..ever...
2) No sense in eating the costs of what you've put into the BMW to buy another car (which happens to be one of the worst places to put money-from a financial stand point).
3) The BMW is a great car from a driver's point of view.
4) You don't like the car "as-is," ie; wing, etc. So, probably should wait to get the car to replace the BMW that you WHOLY like
5) Less likely to get stolen or vandalized b/c of what the STi is (and how unique it is)

Reasons to get the STi:
1) Probably cheaper repairs costs, but I dunno..BMW is expensive, but I don't think the STi is going to be cheap
2) Use it as a fun toy
3) Unique
4) A super nasty machine
5) My favorite car on the market..hehe

All in all I would keep the BMW..no reason to buy a new car that you only get to enjoy only 30% of the time in a week. A car is still a car, and the BMW uses better materials and you enjoy the car as is..

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I agree with the last post: keep your Bimmer. (Although the poster is from DE, so he might be a bit biased... :wink: )

Let's not forget that the STi will be a very performance-minded machine. Compared to a normal 3-series, the suspension will be quite stiff and will not be well-suited for long road trips or bad pavement. I don't want to start a flame war over "if it's too stiff, you're to young", but just to point out that the feel of the two cars will be worlds apart.

Add to that the fact that selling a car in today's market is really awful, I would suggest that you keep the BMW for another few years. The STi is the kind of car that if you're not *sure* you want it, then you probably don't.


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The STi is the kind of car that if you're not *sure* you want it, then you probably don't.
Oh I want it...belieeeeeeeve me, I want it. It's just a matter of my desire for the car versus my knowing that it's not a smart financial decision. Hell, no car is a smart financial decision, so I may as well get this one!

One thing I think I may miss is the refinement of my bimmer. Granted, it's not as fast as the STi, but it is VERY pleasing to drive.

Thanks for the responses!

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I think that you should go for it, you only live once and you might actually grow into the car more over time, this car is going to mark an era in Subaru’s US history for sure, I believe that this car will have an active following and a community of a fairly rare piece of motor machinery, if you have any plans to race it, it is just ready and waiting for the words go

Also as you said, no car is a good investment so :) might as well BUY :) how many people spend tall cash on weekend cars, a lot, regardless of not using it 7 days a week, a lot of people have their second "fun" car to their daily commuters
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