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I am admitedly a bit late to getting on the order lists and am wondering if it is too late to get on a list at any of the Los Angeles or So Cal area dealers for the STi?

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Irvine does have a lot of people on their list, but Subaru told them they would be getting 15 to 20 STi's per allocation, since they sell so many WRX's.

The list above you tends to get shorter, effectively bumping you up, since people change their mind etc. I would sign up at two dealers and go with the best, or the one that delivers first, take your pick.

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TaoKane said:
All SoCal dealerships have lists well into next spring. Irvine, for example has over 140 people on their waiting list.
mnalla - If what TaoKane says is true, why not get yourself on the wait list for the 2005 model? They may have made some improvements by then and worked out some of the weaknesses (yeah I know it's near perfect...) I'm waiting for 2nd or 3rd year STi, but very happy with my WRX for now. At least it comes with a trunk pass-through ;)
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