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Is it just me?

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5 Dealerships!!

Is it just me or did Subaru completely blow our expectations out of the water? I'd hate to own Mitsu stock right now. :D
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I think you hit the nail on the head!

Oh yeah! 8) 8) 8) :eek: :eek: :eek: :D :D :D
When I saw it i said daaaaammmnnnn :eek: :eek:

That answer your question? haha
I couldn't stop smiling and saying "yes, yes, yes, yes!!!!" :lol: :eek:

It was like I hit the jackpot lottery. Simply amazing. I think this was the best move SOA could have made competing against Mitsu. The N. American market is the largest in the world and what better way to dominate than by blowing out the competition.

Heck, forget the twin-scroll turbo with the 2.5L!!!
I have to agree that the 2.5 liter engine may just make me forget about the twin scroll turbo. but what turbo have they put on this thing? I would like to know that.
I don't think you really need the twin-scroll with the 2.5L. I am as happy as a clam with what they are bringing.

I don't know what specific turbo they are using, it is probably a IHI. We will have to find out..

How DCCD works!

Is our STi not getting the side turn indicators?


Keep it close to 30k and...


Amazing! That extra half-litre is gonna feel outta this world. It addresses my only complaint about the WRX - low rpm torque.


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I have of course been reluctant to say this, considering the great specs, but the 2.5L does on some level seem like a cop-out. Almost an excuse to not give us the really trick bits.

"We're not going to give them the twin scroll turbo, even though this would in fact help us with the emissions issues, mileage, efficiency, response, and the like; so we better do something to compensate and make the whining Americans stop complaining about how they're always getting screwed."

Or something like that. If this were truely a "no compromises" car, they would have fitted the twin scroll to the 2.5. Just imagine that... The displacement almost seems like a brute force way to make people forget there are still really cool things out there that we're not getting.

Or maybe I'm just too cynical...
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I guess I'm more of a purist when I think it would've been better in some regards to go with a 2.0 L and twin scroll. True, we'd probably end up with maybe 280 hp...but that would've exceeded our expectations anyway! It just doesn't seem so since we're looking at it retroactively from getting a 300 hp beast

But at least it would've been a better comparison to the EVO 8...and the EVO 8 is rally-ready...the NA STi wouldn't qualify. You wouldn't be able to enter the rally circuit.
I couldn't be happier with what we are getting. And while Chobos has a point with the 'cop out', I'd like to think of it as a marriage of the two schools of power. The twin scroll appears to be one of the newest technologies to increase power in a pure boost engine. If we can admit to a slight cop out feeling on the 2.5, I'll admit I was a little leary of a completely new technology in a car on a first production run. With the additional displacement (the other school of power), we have a combo of both....hopefully a boost-happy engine but also an engine with the size to give us that low end grunt before the boost starts spinning.

I feel pretty good about this combo.......now....let's start getting calls for orders to be placed and set the countdown clocks for the LAST TIME!!!!
What the dealer told me in email today...

It's just that twin scroll turbos aren't new technology. They've been around for years; I keep hearing about old RX-7s and even MR2s that used to have them even back in the late '80s. And of course the Evo has been so equipped for quite some time.

If it's simply a better way to do things, why not use it? Maybe they're more expensive...
I was "this close" to getting my deposit back on the STi, choosing to keep my WRX for another year or two, choosing not to have eat Kraft dinner for the next few years to afford the STi and still support my family. But the announcement of the STi the other day only reminded me that being number 2 on the waiting list at the Subaru dealer for the STi was like hitting the jackpot - I am glad I hesitated to get my one grand back. But I have got a buyer for the WRX already and have a membership at my local bulk food store for the crates of KD I will have to live off of in order to enjoy this beast.

Crap - I forgot insurance - is their anything cheaper than KD?
yep...doesn't one package have 2 servings in it too? Plus the seasoning package has got way more seasoning than you need...you can use it to flavor something else or maybe sell it on Ebay!
While I too wonder why they would reinvent the wheel, I must say that iI think the 2.5 liter turbo is going to surpass our expectations. As far as US environmental specs go I believe one of the constraints on classifying a car depends in some way on the emissions relative to displacement. In other words higher displacing engines are afforded higher emissions.
SnowbordrWRX said:
yep...doesn't one package have 2 servings in it too? Plus the seasoning package has got way more seasoning than you need...you can use it to flavor something else or maybe sell it on Ebay!
:lol: I am cracking up :lol:

But, I am glad that you are not planning the meals at my house. I have three kids and two of them are teens some where along the way they got into the costly habit of eating 3 times a day (sometimes more), perhaps they can be talked into your top ramen dietary program. Somehow, I doubt it though.
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