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I've had my SBC-id in about a week. My spool-up is quick, and boost curve is robust (13psi in 1st and 15.6psi in 6th). I have a stock boost gauge which reads the same as the SBC. So, it appears everything is working correctly.


when I make large adjustments in set/gain, it takes a few times on boost before the EBC hits the new settings.

[In other words... I had channel #1 settings @ 50/13, and was hitting 14.6psi in 3rd.

So, last night, I make a valet channel (#4) settings @ 1/1. My first run on channel #4, I hit 14psi. The second run I hit 12psi. My third run 10psi. Finally, under 10psi on my 4th run. It seemed like it was learning it's way down to the new settings.]

Is this normal?
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