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Interview with SCCA, Solo Technical Manager, Doug Gill

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The following is a summary of my email interview with SCCA Solo Technical Manager, Doug Gill.

Q: Doug, would you give us some background on Autocross racing and its different levels?

At the "national" level, there are not different levels for drivers, just different categories for cars and car prep. SCCA has 2 forms of autocrossing, Solo 2 and ProSolo. Solo 2 is the traditional form of autocross, where each car runs by itself.

In ProSolo, 2 cars line up side-by-side with a drag race type of start. The courses are mirror images and basically the car on the right makes mostly right turns and the car on the left makes mostly left turns. Then, the drivers swap sides and do it again. The timer starts when the green light comes on, so a good launch is important. However, you don't have to beat the guy you're running against. You take your fastest right time and add it to your fastest left and that is your official time. There is a requirement to purchase a license if you run more than one ProSolo during the year.

Local regions can have different levels and classes. Last year, in my "home" region, we had a novice class for anyone that was running tires with a treadwear rating of 140 or higher (STS and STX had to be excluded). Then we used an index to calculate the times from cars in different classes to equalize the results. I've heard of some local regions classing the better drivers together in a "pro" indexed class. Other regions just have 2 classes, novice and "pro."
Q: What classification will a stock WRX STi compete in under SCCA rules?

At this time, the Solo Events Board (SEB) is reviewing the Subaru WRX STi and the Mitsubishi EVO 8. It looks like both cars may go to B Stock with the BMW M3 (E30) (E36) cars.
Q: Does Stock Category permit: 1) sticky tires, 2) exhaust and intake modifications, 3) aftermarket ECU's, 4) increasing turbo boost pressure?

Stock Category does allow:

1) -13.3- pretty much any DOT-approved tires, including R-compound or "stickies," as long as it's sold in a variety of sizes, it's not a new model after 04/30, etc. In other words, Hoosier Racing Radial, Kumho V700, Yokohama A032R, etc. are good.
2) -13.10.A- the air filter element (the replaceable, throw-away part) to be removed or replaced.
3) -13.10.E- basically any "cat-back" exhaust (that's emissions legal) if it meets 3.5 which is it can't be too loud. "Loud" is what keeps the neighborhood happy; it usually depends on the location of the event site.

Stock Category does NOT authorize:

1) -13.10.A- other components of the air induction system to be removed, replaced or modified.
2) aftermarket ECU
3) changing boost pressure

If it's not "stock," be sure and think twice about making changes.
Q: Where can our STi club members get more information about modifications and SCCA rules in general?

13.3 is a section in the rulebook and it's not available electronically. The CD that comes with the rulebook is read-only and you can't print from the CD either. The rulebook is available for purchase from SCCA Merchandise at 1-888-718-8818. You can also go to www.scca.org and click Rulebooks/Supplies.

Maybe your website could link to our region locator page to help your guys find an SCCA region in their area. There is also another website that can be helpful. It's not an SCCA website, so they have info about autocrosses from different clubs, too. It's: www.autocross.com
I will add them to the Links page. Thanks Doug.

See you at the races 8)
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JJ said:
"300HP, AWD, not in my class, buddy".
So are they just RWD elitists/purists, or do they think the STi will be an "overdog" there, too?
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