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Interesting info from Subaru of Canada

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To: Dealer Principals and Sales Manager

From: Brian ....-Product Planning and Market Research

Date November 6, 2002

Re: 2004 Impreza


This month's vehicle order will be the first time that your dealership is requested to order 2004 model year Impreza, which will be launched for Canada in March 2003.

This document will provide you a brief summary of some the key changes for the 2004 model year Impreza and is intended to assist you in placing your first order. This information is purely preliminary and is subject to change or revision before production begins in January. Pricing information is not available at this time.

-The 2004 Impreza is mid-life model restyle. The main elements of the car's exterior that are revised include: front bumber, fog lights, headlights, front grill, hood, hood scoop(WRX), front fenders, mirrors, rear bumper and rear tail lights.

-Several exterior colours are introduced for the 2004, some will be shared with the new Forester (Java Black Pearl, Pacifica Blue, Woodland Green) and new bold red. San Remo Red was added to the line up exclusive to Impreza. A sample of San Remo Red was provided to you in late October.

-Some changes in interior fabrics and trim materials and finishes will also be found in the 2004 model.

-In glass antenna will replace manula mast antenna for all models.

-A revised instrument panel gauge cluster will debut in all models.

-All models (except Impreza WRX and Impreza WRX STi) will recieve active safety anti-whiplash headrests.

-All models recieve Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD).

OUTBACK SPORT: The following features are added
-Four wheel disc brakes.

IMPREZA 2.5 TS: The following features are added:
-Four wheel disc brakes
-Roof rails are standard equipment

IMPREZA2.5 RS: The following features will be added:
-Foglights (WRX Type)
-Trunk Spoiler (WRX Type)
-Leather wrapped steering wheel, parking brake and gear selector

IMPREZA WRX: The following features are added:
-Models with moon roof are available as per ordering information provided
-Side impact bags (SRS) now have head protection
-Full bucket type sport seats

Please note: this model will not be orderable until January POS. Details regarding STi specifications will follow at that time.


This is courtesy of ScoobieNewbie on I-club, who typed this in from a memo he received...

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Rumor becoming reality, oh yeah!!!

BTW, what's POS?
alfredob1 said:
BTW, what's POS?
Piece if sh*t! :lol:

naww, it's point of sale I believe
Thought so, just making sure (Point of Sale, that is).
Excellent. Well, fellas, it is only a few months away until the official release. :lol:
I just recieved a picture of this document and it is either really good forgery, or it is the real deal- I vote for the latter.

Gas Brands

Excellent JJ. Can you post a scan of it??
Very cool...confirms a few things at least, like the antenna.

Come on Detroit.....come on Detroit....... :)
nice to hear about sunroof options and built in antenna :) lets hope for more pimpin options
VERY IMPORTANT: Do you already own a WRX or Other Subaru?

yxan said:
lets hope for more pimpin options
Like purple velvet seats and pedals with gold fish in them? :D
yeah, and rims that look like $ signs.....LOL :)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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