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Interesting find about the intercooler sprayer

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I just noticed if you hold down the intercooler spray button halfway continously, the spray will not stop till you release. Helpful for those of us that were wearing out the button and our finger before that important run or stoplight show.. :)
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Got to put your eyeball down there close to the opening though....otherwise you might miss it. I have found that you can even feel it gently mist your face if you open it up as quick as you can and lean right over it! ;)

Btw.... if you are on here because your parent or grandparent has an STI... This is a joke! Bouncing Baby Dragon will not be responsible for any damage caused to you if you are stupid enough to do this.
Interesting, if I had any money left after my STI purchase I would have bet that fires would be one reason. ;)

Of course you do live in TN, so the meth-lab thing would be more common. ;)

Btw, I am in Memphis about every third weekend or so. If you ever happen to be on that side of the state for a weekend, pm me ahead of time. If I am going to be there we can go ride around in the STI.
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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