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I've been noticing off and on that the normal sound of my car sucking in air becomes very noticeably louder for no apparent reason :confused:
I figured it was a boost leak somewhere so I pressure tested it and there didn't seem to be any leaks. I also haven't experienced any noticeable loss in power or driveability during the times that the intake sound seems much louder.
My 2nd guess is that it's an up-pipe leak somewhere, but I've had a manifold to up-pipe leak in the past and it just pretty much sounded like a normal exhaust leak, nothing that would make this type of sound increase that I'm experiencing.

I'm pretty much stumped at this point :(

Could the BPV be leaking? I only have to start to build a little boost and it becomes very loud, so I can't imagine it's the BPV leaking, but who knows.
The sound increases as boost builds, but it's not the normal pulling in of air sound.. I don't know what the hell it could be.

Anyway, here's the mods I have:
-FP td06-20g 2.4" inlet
-XS Power FMIC
-Full 3" catless TBE
-NGK 1 step colder plugs
-Perrin modified stock injectors
-Perrin turbo inlet
-Perrin maf tube w/ standard size maf pipe w/ K&N cone filter
-Ultimate Racing up-pipe
-Tial 38mm EWG
-Apexi AVC-R ebc
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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