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Insurance Questions

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Ok, I know there are many people making quite a bit more money than me out there, and being the age that I am, insurance is going to kill me if I get a WRX, let alone an STi. I was just curious how much all of you have to pay for insurance on your WRXs/STis. JJ, how much do you pay for your RS? I got a quote for 1500 for 6 months and I almost died. I can get less than that, but its still not going to be as cheap as what I am paying now on my Honda. Anyway, any info is appreciated.


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well, not all the chicks like my WRX. Till I take them for a ride and scare the hell out of them. Then they love it and dont want to ride in it anymore, instead they go around and brag to all their ****r civic friends that my car owns. You could always go for the same effect. I used to drive a Geo Metro. I loved the car. Got forged pistons and better cam and all, CAI, Exaust. About 2.5K in engine work done and 100 shot of Nos through that little 4 cyl. engine did alot. But it was funny. It was back when I lived in colorado in a small town. After I put the 100 shot of Nos in it and didnt tell anyone and did a stealth install and didnt let anyone under the hood then everyone thought I owned in that car, including the chicks. I had to say though im sure I had the only 230 HP Metro in the state lol. And before any of you ask no the geo didnt take that 100 shot well. engine lasted 20K Miles after I put it on and used it to kick all the civics asses in town. Thats also how I learned to tune cars :smile: The metro died at 45K miles.


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JJ, That no cussing stuff kinda sucks. I cant even say R-I-C-E-R in here? Now aint that strange?

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