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Insurance Questions

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Ok, I know there are many people making quite a bit more money than me out there, and being the age that I am, insurance is going to kill me if I get a WRX, let alone an STi. I was just curious how much all of you have to pay for insurance on your WRXs/STis. JJ, how much do you pay for your RS? I got a quote for 1500 for 6 months and I almost died. I can get less than that, but its still not going to be as cheap as what I am paying now on my Honda. Anyway, any info is appreciated.


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For my RS:

22 y/o male with no accidents or tickets- Denver, Co

Full coverage with $50 deductable collision/$0 deductable comprehensive/300K-500K liability, injury

126.00 per month...

State Farm
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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