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Yeah, you need the Palm and you buy the sensor and the software. I'll have to talk to him and see if I can get some data readouts from it.

Personally, I can think of enough things I messed up on my runs without some little accelerometer doing it for me! But I guess that shows ya why I'm not in Topeka every year!

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Byron described the system to me like this.

G Cube: 2"X2"X1.5" PKG with 2 accelerometers and a DSP, a 4foot, 4 wire cable with a RJ-14 CONN., which attaches to the...
Battery Supply: 3"X2"X.9" PKG, 9V Battery Supply with on/off switch LED and 9 Pin Serial CONN, which goes out to a...

Not Included:
Laptop directly, or with an adapter cable to a PALM. Only PALM's work though, something about the way the serial port as addressed. Battery life is about half a season at a usage rate of 2-3hrs of continuous on time per track session.

I thought it was a pretty good deal at $395. Both he and his wife have won a number of championships and he gave me examples of how the G Cube helped them do that.
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