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What car do you think has had more of a body change for 2004?
The EVO 8 or the WRX STi

in my opinion I think that the new model of the wrx looks cool and more aggressive, the only major change would be some of the front bumper and the healights, on the other hand i think the EVO 8 is just plain ugly. what was Mitsu thinking, i think they should have just kept their plans of bringing out the EVO 7's original look to the U.S. instead of saying its a EVO 7 with a new look and were calling it the EVO 8 so there!
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I think that I'm here because of the STi and not for the Evo. I'd say that I could care less about the Evo. No offense, though. :D
I do believe the Mitsu didn't just create the Evo 8 specifically for the US. The Evo 8 will be unveiled in Japan soon and is identical in the looks department. I do like the look of the Evo 5, 6, and even 7, but the 8 looks more like a pontiac with its front-end. I also am not too keen on the altezza-style tail lights.

However, the Evo8 is still a bad machine and looks very good despite a few issues that don't settle with me. That being said I'll take the STi over the Evo anydays.
personally i'd take the evo v over the STi any day. even the vi. but the vii and vii are fugly imho.
Yeah, I agree..the 5 and 6 are amazing cars..the 7 and 8 are..well, not as nice.
Subaru B11S

If I had to get an Evo it would be the VII. I really don't like the new front end of the US Evo/Evo VIII.

And I despise jeweled taillights. :x

I've also stated before I got used to the bug-eyes but I immediately loved the new front end on the STi. It is soooo much better. :D
Yeah, I can't say I care for any part of the EVO's styling. And with the lack of any 'cool' transmission additions to match the DCCD......just isn't the car the VII is.

And you know...something else that bothers me is that the EVO is still a Lancer. I mean, it's kinda like that feeling you get about that hot new Neon. It's fast, it's a turbo....but it's a big Neon, that's it. I see the EVO and still see the $12k econo box POS. The STi....I see the WRC car, the WRX, and at very least, a well built base model Impreza with AWD and the great Subaru name on it.
ok but im sayin just pick 1 STi or EVO 8 not any other evo models (no offense to any of you who like those because i think those are awesome cars too)
The evo VII is one mean looking car and imo looks marginally better than the sti, but the evo VIII looks like crap. And in reply to the evo being just an econobox lancer, isn't the sti, ummm, an econobox impreza? (of course imprezas are marginally better than lancers but still...)
Like I said..I've already chosen the STi as far as looks over the Evo8.

Yeah the Lancer is a crappy car, but the Evo isn't. I will agree with CloneGTS that at least the STi's base is an AWD 2.5L flat four making 165hp. I think the base Lancer is a 2 or 2.2LI4 making around 140hp! YUCK!!!!

As far as the DCCD vs the Evo not having AYC and ACD. The more I read about this the more the lack of it makes the car more raw in the Evo's case. The DCCD is probably a good thing for the STi since I think it needed a little bit of rear bias since the car like to understeer decently.

Which Evo was the first to have AYC and ACD? Was it the 6, if so, I know the 5 was a bad monster too.
91TB78 said:
I think the base Lancer is a 2 or 2.2LI4 making around 140hp! YUCK!!!!
It's even worse than that.

120 hp @ 5500
130 lb-ft @ 4250
14x5.5 steel wheels
Feb 2003 best motoring

That's miserable.... if I owned the car this is what I would look like ALL the time: :oops:
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