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$28,000 Canadian dollars.

Car is located in Newfoundland, Canada

I've owned this car since brand new and it is completely built and tuned by me. Its been four years since I did the build and haven't had a issue with it since that time.

To say that it is immaculate is an understatement. I have kept it in my garage since it was brand new and didn't even drive it in the rain. There is a single dent or scratch on the entire body anywhere. I have a 3m clearbra over the bumper, hood and both front fenders which was put on when I bought the car. There isn't a single rock chip on this car.

Ill try to list the most important parts but I have probably forgotten some things.

Just rolled over 90,000 kms. Maybe 30,000 km on this build.

Custom made rotated turbo kit to keep the tmic.
GT3582R turbo
TIAL 44mm external wastegate vented to atmosphere.
Darton Sleeved block
Arias pistons
Manley h-tuff rods
King bearings
Brian Crower stainless valves
Brian Crower Valve springs
Brian Crower 280 camshafts
Mild head porting
Tgvs deleted
Iag fuel rails and lines
Injector Dynamics 1000cc
Aquamist hfs3 with direct port meth injection
Act six puck clutch
New alpine ilx-207 headunit just installed.
RCE yellow springs
Whiteline bushings throughout
Whiteline 24mm swaybars front and rear
DBA5000 Front rotors and DTC30 pads front and rear
Defi Gauges

There may be some things I'm forgetting but size up the photos and see for yourself.

It kills me to sell this car but I am just not into it anymore. I put less than 1500km on it this year. I gotten into motorcycles and never looked back.

Rotated - Album on Imgur
One video
2010 STI GT3582R Launch and pull 500whp - YouTube
Second older video showing the inside with gauge setup. This was before the motor build and rotated setup but the inside is the same minus the new alpine radio.
2010 STI With a Blouch 3.0 xtr at 30psi POV - YouTube


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