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I'm back...or might be back...questions about buying a used STi

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I've been away from this forum for far too long.

For the curious this is what I used to have and miss on a daily basis: FS: (For Sale) VA: 04 java black/gold sti hta68 + supporting mods, 315hp 340+ tq - NASIOC

I'll try to make this short:
-In 2005 I bought an 04 sti
-Made a bad decision and sold it with 50k on the clock in 2012
-bought a hybrid and a miata (saved over $200 a month on gas due to worst commute ever)
-sold both a few months after and moved to San Diego (didn't know I was going to move. My commute went from 1-1.5 hrs each way to 25 minutes each way.)
-spent car budget on moving...so I bought a 99 m3
-I don't love the m3 and so I'm trying to sell it and get an sti again.

So, what do I look for in 05/06's that have 50k-70k on them? What prices are you guys seeing these go for?

So far my impression is that I can get an 05 with 50-70k and not that many mods for <22k.

I know I'm looking for a car with less mods. Anything beyond "Stage 2" is probably not a good idea.

I do plan on getting a PPI on anything I buy just for the peace of mind.
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