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ilovedemhotrides 2004 STI

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Miles 101,xxx

Background: Picked up at 91,000 stock clutch etc... etc... Never modded, launched , anything.. Did my homework before I got this baby.

Raceland Coilovers
TGV Deletes
HKS Carbon Ti exhaust
Custom Straight Pipe
Custom Down Pipe
3'' Inlet
Short Ram Intake
740 or 850cc injectors ( Still deciding)
255 walbro
Cobb AP v2 ( might be selling soon)
New Hawk pads
Tint 5% all around

Future Things to come:
Steering rack bushings
Short block
New Clutch
EL Headers
Short shifter
New bushings all around
Motor/tranny mounts

With the current set up being put in place looking for around 400 wheel to be safe for now and in that time I will save up for a short block and clutch and build the car in the fully in the next year or two.

Heres a pic of what I got in the mail the other day =)

Update 9/16/13

I talked with the tuner and he said he is more comfortable tuning DW, so I ordered a set of 740cc injectors. The build will most likely start next week! The only thing I am missing is a front mount, but I can throw that on before the car gets tuned. I'm in college so thinking about a week of downtime while I install the turbo, inlet, delete the TGVs, raise my coilovers, put in the injectors, oil feed line etc....


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Oh yeah! Journal time. Glad you started one. Still holding on to those injectors for you. Can't wait to see your build.
Oh yeah! Journal time. Glad you started one. Still holding on to those injectors for you. Can't wait to see your build.
Sweet thanks bro... Just started my new job, so I missed the first pay period. So hopefully in the next 2 weeks I can grab them!
Update on the build.

Took off the intake manifold, and sold the stock turbo/TMIC. I am just waiting on some gaskets, my injectors, and my FMIC. I will then be off for a tune!

So feeling pretty good!!

I also put on my Whiteline steering rack bushings! I heard it was a pain in the ass, but they were not to bad! Took about an hour! =)

Can't wait to get the car back up on the street later this week / next ( depending on when parts get in)
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Update. All parts are installed =) .. Working out a few issues, but hopefully they are fixed soon. New pic of the FMIC installed in the original post!
What issues, if you don't mind me asking?
What issues, if you don't mind me asking?
I had a huge leak where the fuel rail mounted onto the TGV. I had to get new O ring for that from subaru dealer, and had to reposition them... That is now fixed

I am hitting another issue at the moment. I am misfiring primarily on cyl 4, but on 1 also sometimes. It's load dependent, and my tuner things it is ignition related. I should have my new coilpacks on today, so hopefully that clears it up!

Sucks I have had this build done so long, and can't even drive the car how it's meant to be driven!

Hopefully I will be good to go soon! and be in the 400whp+ club.
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