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I Got Some Heavy Competition and Waiting

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I do hope I am making a good decision on getting this car. I have been waiting for it for a long long time, as I'm sure the rest of you have also. Sometimes, I sort of have a little debate with myself on what car I should get, even though I have convinced myself over and over that I will get an STi.

When I do get it next year, I don't think I'll be dominating my neighborhood though. The reason I keep debating with myself is because I am surrounded by some real nice cars. I got A LOT of cousins, my family is HUGE and they live all over the LI. All my cousins are into cars and my competition would be a 97' Porsche 911 (2s i think), a 95' Toyota Supra SE with single-turbo upgrade and a long list of other mods, 01' Honda s2000 with Comptech Supercharger, 02' Audi A4 with performance chip (i think i should beat him), and a few friends that have a ZO6 and a 97' TwinTurbo Supra. Not to mention I live 5 minutes from Deer Park Ave. if you've ever heard of that street. The street has its own website - "deerparkavenue.com"

Well I'm not getting the car to only beat everyone else but I'm just saying I need a damn car because I can't take waiting anymore. I hate going to Supra meets with my friends or cousins in a pickup truck. I don't know...I guess my time will come. All I can do is watch these cars be modded more and more while I am still working on getting my car. It'll all be worth waiting for I hope.
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On the weekends and summer time at night the road is filled with cars with people who are eager to race. there are a lot of hooked up cars and there are a lot of nice ones but there are a lot of ghetto ones too but it's too crazy. well the avenue is also filled with a lot of cops who are eager to give out tickets for anything.
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