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I was curious if anyone here has much experience in supercharging a 2.5 RS. Are there any electronic mods that need to be made? Rimmer claims that using an Eaton supercharger that all stock components can be used with the least modification.

I hear that the WRX burns out oil quikcly because it uses a turbocharger that cools via oil lines. If using Synthetic/Amsoil then it would cost quite a bit, but if you were to use a belt driven supercharger to push boost, then (though maybe more expensive?) it would prolong the life of oil and engine life.

I am curious because I would like to use a larger engine than the 2.0. I would consider the 2.5RS, Rimmer supercharging system, Intercooler, and cold air intake added to an Impreza. There is no substitution for engine size, and I seek low end torque. What am I not considering in this type of modification? All "dress up" and styling can be done later. The engine is the heart, and its most important.
The WRX and the RS are very similar in other parts.

I believe in practical upgrades... so let me know what I am missing. I'm doing lots of research. Any books or sites that could suggest how to avoid problems like engine knock?

Please elaborate for me on any of these topics. Ease of install, costs, and practicality...

Jeremy Watts
[email protected]
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