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OK, ok, its not anything big or difficult... But the fact that my armrest felt flimsy, and that the clip would pop off when I leaned on it too much was really bugging me. So today, I sat down and figured out a way to improve this part without having to trade out to the non-extended version.

You need:
Phillips screwdriver
Power Drill
A knife for trimming plastic
A wood screw
Two small furniture shelf supports
Super Glue

Step one: Remove the two screws at base of the bottom armrest, and remove unit from car.

Step two: Unscrew all screws on the bottom of the top portion of the armrest, removing the vinyl cover from the top portion. This also means removing the two screws that connect the top and bottom portion.

Step three: You can see that there is a depression surrounding the clip assembly, and when the lid is closed, there is still a sizable gap between the top and bottom portions in this depression. We are going to use the shelf stays to fill in that gap, reducing the side-to-side play available to the top of the armrest.

Step four: Before drilling, I used the wood screw to create a starter hole in my exact desired locations. You can see that the driver's side is a tight fit between the clip assembly and the screw well!

Step five: Drill the holes with a bit JUST large enough to snugly fit the ands of the shelf stays. 13/64" worked for me.

Step six: Trim the shelf stays as needed to fit perfectly into their locations, and then test the fit by inserting them into their holes. Try partially reassembling the armrest to test the fit. There should be MUCH less play now.

Step seven: When you are sure all fits as desired, glue the shelf stays in place, then reassemble.

EDIT: This is for an 04... Maybe 05. The 06 armrests I saw were a bit different.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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