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Another demographics question- I thank you for your past participation. This is important for the future of the site, I am sure you will see why in a few months.

How much money do you plan to spend, on average, per year on your STi (NOT INCLUDING LABOR)? This includes:

Engine/Transmission (Power) upgrades
Braking/Suspension upgrades
Wheels and Tires
Interior upgrades
Exterior upgrades
Audio upgrades

Basically everything that does not come on the car when you drive it off of the dealer's lot for the first time.



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hmm...I spent close to $1000 already for my WRX, but it's not really performance stuff, except for the snow tires which I got today

~$500 snow tires
~$450 Yakima rack

Of course, for the STi, I'd only have to buy tires, the Yakima rack would just carry over. Other than that, I'll probably keep it stock, although modding it to just over 300 hp would be relatively cheap and easy...

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my first mods will be:
clear bra (probably done at dealership)--to protect the front-end
turbo timer

After that...I will replace the air filter with an amsoil one once the stock one goes bad..

wheels and tires after that..depending on how the stockers looks. The pics on nasioc of the new fact have bbs gold multi-spoke that look awesome!!
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