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How about a 3rd muffler

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I'm back to stage 2 (cat-less), and I was thinking about putting a muffler after the DP and before the Y split that goes into the SPT mufflers since it's pretty loud inside the car on the highway. I think it'd have to be round and fairly small diameter to fit in such a spot. Has anyone else ever done this? Any successes?
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I've not heard complaints that the spt is too loud, even with a downpipe. you could potentially add a resonator to the mid pipe, that'd be a better solution than another muffler.. you don't want to choke your exhaust out.
I was thinking a strait through race car type muffler. Just want to take the edge off a little bit for long highway drives with the kids in the back. It's not fair to them to have my car loud and hurt their hearing in the long run.
i second doing a resonator - or try switching your catback. i haven't heard the SPT in person but it's known to be drone-y and boomy. you could try a q300 and sell the spt
I know Magnaflow makes some pretty small diameter mufflers. They do straight thru ones that are maybe 2" in diameter larger than the diameter of the pipe.

I think a resonator would lower the highway drone better though. Also, I had a very loud exhaust (Invidia catless + Greddy Ti-C) and found putting 10-15 old t-shirts and a heavy furry jacket in the spare tire well helped highway drone a good amount.:lol:

You can always run the stock CBE with OTS tunes.
I'll look into a resonator then. I don't want to spend a bunch of money on a new CBE and the stock exhaust was gone before I bought the car.
Vibrant makes a 12" resonator that has a straight thru design.
If that doesn't work look into exhausts that are legal in Japan. They have strict noise emission laws so their exhausts are typically pretty quiet. The Legalis R comes to mind.

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