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S! Houston Area Race Fans!

H.P.D. (Houston Performance Driving) in conjunction with Performance Driving Network. Proudly presents one of the most fun filled racing events of the Summer. Midnight 1320* "Where only your skills and moon will guide you to victory"!

I. Outline:

- What is Midnight 1320?

Lately street racing has become a big issue in Houston, with fatality's and the real HPD cracking down on this illegal activity, Houston Performance Driving is stepping up to the plate to take "racing" to the track that is fun and legal for everyone involved. Spectators and Racers alike will have the feel of a heads up street race minus a staging tree and replaced with a bystander flagging them down to begin the race. The idea is even getting thrown around of delighting the track to complete the atmosphere we are shooting for.

With the help of John Hennessey and Lonestar Motorsports Park (LMP)this event could really shine a new light and help Houston streets by taking these illegal activity's off the public roads and to move them to a secure environment. People of all ages can enjoy the rush without the harm and consequences of hurting or even killing someone.

II. Racing:

- Teching in and Staging?

HPD Staff will be with you every step of the way to get racers pointed in the right direction. Once you are teched in up front and ready to race. Please move around to the staging lanes where HPD staff will be funneling you on the drag strip. You will be paired up with another car/truck for your run. If you have a grudge match or friend you wish to race. Please inform the HPD staff member in the staging lanes to place you in line. The staff will do all it can to accommodate the racers requests. However, HPD and LMP staff will have final say in all matters.

- Setting up?

Once you have been staged in line roll onto the track. HPD staff will have someone working the water boxes. There is room to roll around the boxes if needed.

After your burnout please pull up to the staging box as setting up the 1/4m.. The fallger will ask you "ready"?! The driver must give a signal that he/she is ready before the flagger will ask the next driver. Once both racers are ready* the flagger will raise his arms high. When the flagger drops his arms you are all clear for launch. The tree will be set for instant green. So once you launch your time starts. Please pick up your time slip at the shack on your return. Remember time slips in Midnight 1320 are just for fun.

- Winners?

This will be 1/4 mile run. And the tree will be on but not used. Racers will cross the line to stage, but the race will begin not when the tree goes green but when the flagger flags the racers to start.

(Reason for this is so racers can receive timeslips. Reaction time will be the only thing that will be skewed)

(Please also note no times will be posted only the lights on the track will inform spectators of the winner)

III. Midnight 1320* Information:

When: July 12th, 2008 (Saturday).
Where: Lonestar Motorsports Park (Sealy).
Time: Gates open @ 9PM! Racing starts @ 10PM! Racing ends when we are done!
Cost: Racers = $25.00 and Spectators = $10.00

V. Mission:

Houston Performance Drivings mission is to bring all the race crews, independents, and shops together for a different kind of track night* with a street racing theme. Please understand that HPD is NOT* a car club! It is simply a forum where people with a passion for performance driving can go to find out what activities are happening in their area.

This event is open to anyone and everyone! From the 9 sec trailer queens to the 14 sec Yahoos. There should be a great mix of cars and trucks. Such as Vipers, C5, C6s, Z06s, Z28s, SSs, Mustangs, Saleens, Cobras, Lightnings, SRT 4s, 6s, 8s, 10s, P-Cars, M3s, M5, M6s, Mercedes AMGs, WRXs, STIs, EVOs, Supras, 350 Zs, G35/37s, Hondas, Imports and Domestics! 100% open to anyone who enjoys the street racing lifestyle. Join us!

Thank you.

(Please go to Houston-Imports.com or ::::HPD:::: for more details)
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