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Your going to want and double check me on this.....

Cliffords siren wire is out wire is positive, and your horn is negative. Its been about two years but I beleive the wire color is brown for the siren output. You simply need to hook up a relay to change the current from 12 volts to ground.

heres how
take your basic relay.........
85 to brown/siren output +
86 to chassis ground
87 to ground
30 output to your horn wire which is red and green at the steering column.

You need to test the red/green wire with a multi meter/test light. It will register 12v/red light and when you push the horn it will go to ground/green light.

Make sure you switch settings from siren to horn in the setup menu

heres a copy and paste of 04 STi wires.....

12volts white + ignition harness
Starter white/black + ignition harness
Ignition green + ignition harness
Accessory yellow + ignition harness
Keysense white/red + ignition harness
Power Lock red/white - gray plug at integrated module
Power Unlock yellow/red - gray plug at integrated module
Lock Motor orange 5wi blue plug at integrated module
Unlock Motor red 5wi blue plug at integrated module
Parking Lights+ black/red or orange + parking switch
Parking Lights- black/white - lighting switch
Hazards same as turn signal wires
Turn Signal(L) black/green + steering column
Turn Signal(R) lt. green/black + steering column
Reverse Light brown/yellow + passenger kick, harness to rear
Door Trigger yellow - gray plug at integrated module
Dome Supervision blue - blue plug at integrated module
Trunk/Hatch Pin yellow/red - keyless entry control module
Hood Pin N/A
Trunk/Hatch Release N/A
Power Sliding Door N/A
Factory Alarm Arm factory remote only
Factory Alarm Disarm factory remote only
Disarm No Unlock factory remote only
Tachometer green ac ECM below glove box
Wait to start N/A
Brake Wire white/black + brake pedal switch
Parking Brake lt. green - parking brake switch
Horn Trigger red/green - steering column or keyless

for the searchers
alarm colors pin out DEI Clifford Sidewinder wire Viper
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