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Hey all, first post here folks. Bought a 2016 WRX STI in Feb with about 7k miles. Dude that bought new in Sept '15 traded in in Jan '16 for a Chevy Pickup. Not sure of his deal, but int came with a few extras. COBB intake, Tanabe strut bar, Nameless license plate delete with tow hook plate mount, winter wheels with a set of Blizzaks, Rally Armor mudflaps all around.

Then last week, a mere 45 minutes or so after I parked on a quiet street near my friends house, some jackass hit my rear left wheel and threw my car into the street. He was then seen running from the scene, throwing a beer into a neighbors yard. I discovered this about six hours later, when I went to retrieve something and found car missing.

Long story short (too late, I know) but has anyone had experience with repairs of this type? My insurance company has quoted $9000 for both rear stock wheels, left stock tire, left rear door, left rear quarter panel, some upper and lower control arms, rear tail light, rear bumper, paint, bodywork, labor, etc.

Some of which will be subbed to local Subaru dealer for mechanicals, but how do yo all feel about this. Will this be as good as new? Better? Will the door whistle? :lol:

Hopefully they catch the dude, but who knows who he is. Owner of vehicle? Friend? Thief? Cops have no idea at this point. So it might cost me a $500 deductible, but still stings.

Advice? Thanks in advance!
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