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At the advice of a friend (who has an STi, but didn't show up for the event), I'm posting this. We recently held the Bogus Basin Hillclimb -- 8 corners and 2 miles in length, with 500 feet of vertical rise starting at about 6000 feet. Lots of fun, and we had 72 cars this time. My first hillclimb.

3 STis showed up. All ran on the stock tires, two were completely stock (including mine), and one had an AVO exhaust and intake along with new front and rear swaybars. The STi really rocks -- we beat all the Porsches, and got some really good times. Didn't break the two minute barrier though -- race tires would really help (very few cars ran with street tires). Top speed in my car was 90mph (95 on the speedo), and there were quite a few 35->80->35 sections.

I have video of 4 of my runs, but I only have this one on the web. This is run 2, which is my fastest at 2:02.335. My slowest was 2:03.392 so it doesn't make much difference (just different mistakes). This was enough to beat the hill record for my class. Unfortunately someone in an ESP Camaro with 315F/335R Hoosiers and an engine swap showed up and beat the record by 4 more seconds than I did. Maybe next year.


Some more info on the hill: Porsche Club event in spring, NHA site.

Some sample times:

1:44 Formula Libre Snowmobile-engined thing, new hill record
1:56 C4 Corvette, SCCA AS
1:58 RX7 twin turbo, SM2 prepared
1:58 ESP Camaro with 315F,335R Hoosiers
2:02 Stock STi
2:03 911 turbo (only one driver, he did a 2:01 last year)
2:03 Stock STi, ESP STi w/ turbo-back and intake
2:04 S2000 with experience and race tires
2:06 944 turbo on Hoosiers
2:08 older 911s

The 1996 911 C2 has made it to 2:04 in the past which is just a tad slower, but it didn't make it that fast this time. Horsepower really helps on the straights, but corners make a huge difference, which is how 150hp N/A 911s get a 2:08 -- 1000lbs less than the STi and great cornering.

No Evos. In fact, if I remember right, not a single Mitsubishi at all. There was a 2.5RS, a WRX, and a modded RS, in addition to the STis to represent Subaru. A few Corvettes and a raft of Porsches.

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Nice bumping into you figuratively Mundi. The Wyoming Hillclimb at ~8,000' had about the same results. Different drivers and cars, but it all averaged out. On the main straight? I was taching at 6,000 rpm in 5th, or about 110 mph...

The C4 'Vette did 90.6 on the 2 mile course. The SM BMW M3 did 90.4, and I did a 98.2
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