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Hi everyone! New here with an 06 Wrx Sti and have a question :)

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Hi guys, I'm Chris. New here to the forum (although long time lurker) and just recently purchased a 2006 STI. I have used the search forums and found alot of answers but i did have one question pertaining to the SPT Short ram intake.....My car is completely stock now, but did come with the SPT installed, i drove with it on for about 2 weeks and its been in the lower 80s and upper 70s for the most part. The sound on it was cool, however after replacing it with the factory stock airbox i noticed the low end torque was missing bigtime with the SPT....i am curious....why is this?? What causes that? And say would it affect your quarter mile time? Just wondering and thanks! Really like it here!
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it was most likely tuned for the intake and now you changed the intake so the airflow isnt what it was tuned for
Hi Heat, thanks for replying. Im not sure if it was tuned or not, i just know that the car didnt seem to have as much low end torque with the SPT as it does with the stock air box. I just didnt understand why this would be
sucking in hot air from the engine compartment would be one reason. The stock air box gets cooler air from a high pressure area under the hood in front of the grill, this not only provides cooler air, but it provides increased velocity, you loose both with just a cone filter stuck next to the inner fender in place of the stock air box. Both attributes can also cause the car to run rich or lean depending on the air through the MAF sensor. Either way less velocity through the intake off boost means less torque until boost builds.
Really appreciate the responses guys, thank you. So a heat shield would really do no good because the short ram intake is still lacking the velocity?
i got a heat shield on my RAM intake. unless im driving at least ~30mph my intake air temp is usually around 100-110 lol. scared to think what it would be like without if, if it even does anything
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