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Hey All...I got to check out a STi!!!!!!

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Been on leave for about a week now and was lucky enough to check out a Slvr/Slvr STi. It was at Classic Subaru in Orlando, right off of Orange Blossom Trail, and if your in that area, and you wish to check it out, I'm pretty sure it will be there tomorrow 23May and possibly the next day, I guess who ever is going to purchase it is having a bit of trouble with the financing. All I can say to that person is thanks for letting me check out your STi, that was more that likly my only chance befor going back to Iceland, and I hope everything works out.
Nowwwwwwwwww.....I would like to tell you all that this car is amazing. The whole time I was there I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. The hood scoop is awesome, the spoiler is awesome, sitting inside the car is awesome, shifting through all the gears is awesome!!!! The seats IMO are about perfect, I am 5'10"/185, and if the seats were any thinner that would have kinda sucked. The only very minor complaint I have about the car is the steering wheel, it looks rather cheap, but other than that I don't think that I'd change a thing, except some slight :wink: performance mods. (oh... and a system)
Also, so you all know, the dealer there told me that at first SOA was pretty much just sending them whatever color/wheel combo, but I guess the kinks are being worked out.
Sorry no pics, I brought my camera but forgot all of my cords for connecting to the cpu. :oops: :oops:
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You know, in all the excitement I forgot to give Classic Subaru props. They guaranteed MSRP, and seemed to be very honest with no bs'n. I heard one of the dealers talking to someone interested in the STi on the phone, and the dealer was saying stuff like MSRP for sure, and that they will tell SOA what color/wheel combo the customer wants, but with things being a little hectic there request could be messed up, and also that no matter how much $ people were offering that they would honor all contracts first. The dealer even told the guy that people have came in offing like 35000 or more if they could get the next STi and the dealers turned them down.
Hey 4MLA1FN, the dealer at Classic Subaru said that those sold order contracts were bonded by attourney or something like that, and that dealers can't deviate from them, so hopefully your situation improved...
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