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Customer Service:
In one word: AMAZING. Seriously, Clint keeps you up to date on your order and lets you know exactly what's going on. And if you're ever wondering, shoot him a text and day or night he gets back to you quick. No complaints, best sales person I've ever had buying a new car.

Quality of Work:
Now unfortunately I can't say this went perfect, did they do wrong? Not necessarily. I had asked for my car to NOT be washed and to NOT be filled (since they don't fill new cars, even STi's with at least 91 octane). My car however came washed and with a full tank of gas. Now can I really complain? Yes and no. I asked for it one way, and I got it another. Minor issue, but really they were only doing it in the best interest of a car buyer. I'm probably the only person who'd complain about getting their new car delivered washed and with a full tank of gas haha.

Overall Experience:
I honestly would have put a 5 had it not boiled down to their finance department. Once the car came in and the numbers finalized, I was called by Dawn Patterson. Things were going well and smooth, but slowly started to go downhill when I told her I wasn't interested in the extended warranty, nor the bumper protection, nor the window/dent package. I understand it's her job to make the dealership money on the backend of a deal, but these just weren't things I was interested. All seemed fine until I told her I would also be financing with my own bank since they were offering me a better rate than she could get me. She then proceeded to tell me how since I wasn't going through their banks, my paperwork would get put to the bottom of the stack and she might not be able to get to it for a few days since she had to take care of people who financed through them first. I wasn't really happy to hear this, but understood to some extent. The next day comes and I call to check on my paperwork. I was told she was busy with another customer so I left a message expecting a call back. I never received that call back but finally by the 3rd day after we finalized the numbers I was able to get ahold of her and she said she will send out my papers to sign that day. I feel that I could have had a quick message or phone call to let me know the status instead of ignoring me for 3 days since I didn't want to use their banks to finance.

Their price pretty much can't be beat. I searched around and they beat all my local dealers by a fair margin. Enough to have the car shipped (which they got me a good deal on) down to me and still save money.

TLDR: Clint is amazing, best salesperson you can have, I'll be talking to him for my next Subaru. Prices are amazing. Finance department....needs work.
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