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I called a couple of dealerships in the L.A. area this weekend, and after each call I felt like I was being given the 'run-around'.

One dealer said that there would be plenty to go around, and that they would be sold at $35k, and he added that the only differences between the wrx and the sti is the brakes and more hp. Which lead me to believe this guy was full of shiite (in my head i told him to get bent). Since I know that you know there are more diffs than that.

The other dealership told me to call back in a month.

$35k? That cant be right... The UK STi is going for 25,995lbs. and the Prodrive is 27,495lbs.... Whats the lbs to $'s conversion?

my source


I also picked up the issue of Evo featuring our favorite car. What a great article. It is actually worth spending the 8 bucks on a brit mag. Which reminds me... Anyone ever read 'Redline'? Perfect mix of scantilly clad cars and fast women... err, I mean.. Scantilly clad women and fast cars. Hell, it works either way. I want them to do and editorial on the STi. :grin:

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£ is Alt+0163
€ is Alt+0128

You have to use the 10 key pad for these to work.

If your using Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2k, or XP you might have to get a Euro update from Microsoft. Just do the Widows Update and look for something that says Eruo something.

If your using a Mac I don't know what to do.

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