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My 2020 STI w/ 14,000 miles has a CEL (starter low voltage) and will not start unless the push start is double cycled. You can tell it's not receiving enough juice to start the car in a single push of the button. This occurred shortly after my 12V plug on the dash blew a fuse. <--wasn't sure if they were related
I'm also experiencing fluctuations of boost.

I brought it to a dealer who told me the fluctuations in boost are due to the CEL but they also told me that the 12V plug's wire runs in the same harness as the starter wire. After checking all components of the starting system, I was told that if I overloaded the 12V plug, the wire would heat up and damage other wires in the same harness and that If they determined the plug was overloaded (plugging something in that demanded more amperage than the plug was rated for) that I would be responsible for the repair.

I can't grasp how the 7.5a fuse for the plug (which blew) wouldn't protect the wiring from heating up enough to cause the insulation to burn off. I refused the repair.
The dealer also acted as if this is a common issue but sounded like a money grab.
Anyone else have experience with these issues?

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