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So, I’ve been following a DIY write up by “STI Sibb” which seems to be a great guide, I’ll link right here:
DIY Engine Coolant Change

I’m hoping someone who has successfully done a coolant change can help me...

So, after draining the coolant from the radiator (with the filler tank cap and radiator cap off), I screwed the drain pet cock back onto the radiator and began pouring my fresh coolant mix into the FIlLER tank and nowhere else. I was only able to get just over a gallon into the filler tank before it reached the neck and wouldn’t go down anymore.

My question is: should I also fill up the radiator before I start my car? Or will the radiator fill itself once my car is running, and then I would add the remaining coolant to the filler tank like before? I’m just a little worried as I’ve never done this before. I appreciate any tips and advice, thanks a lot guys.
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