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Help - Bad dealer experience

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Hi all.

I've been on the STi waiting list for an STi at MSRP at my local dealer since 12/02. It finally came.

Now they give me the following story. "Oh to get these early, we got them without all the options required to be installed by Subaru". This little list (see below) adds $3400 to the 30,995 + dest (which is what I expected to pay).

Some of these things I might want - but certainly not all:

Fog lights Kit - $595
Auto-dimming compass mirror - $195
Security System upgrade - $325
Arm Rest Extension - $175
All-weather floor mats - $75
ETR AM/FM 6 Disc CD Radio - $895
Upgraded speaker kit - $295
Tweeter Kit - $135
Subwoofer/amplifier - $295
Wheel locks - $49.95
Turbo Boost guage - $295

Total: $3404.95

Is there any truth to this? Have others experienced this? I am so angry right now. Might have to buy the Evo after all. Any idea how to get rid of the BS options and still get the car?

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Tell them when you ordered the car that you did not include all those options. Bottom line is, that is not the car you ordered. They will have to take out those options or order you another car. They F***ED up. don't fall for it! They installed those BS options to get more money from you. If that was your car why did they even touch it?! If you had a deposit on an order that did not specify any options why did they install any? I would fight this all the way.
Good luck!
Fog lights?!?! I would like to see how they did that and how they look with HIDs. :roll:
I wasn't clear - actually, they haven't even installed them yet. So from what you're saying, I should have an even better case.

And yet, you know they'll find someone to buy it with all this crap on it. I don't want it to be me, but I don't want to lose the car either. BASTARDS.

What I need are some e-mail addresses for some high-ups in SOA (Subaru of America). This approach has worked well for me in the past.

And you're right - my original order form says for MSRP - it does not include these options (but then, they could say it was always understood that these options were part of it).

Now, get this - I just remembered that the dealership's GM said (back in Dec of '02) that he thought MSRP would be in the 34-36K range. He obviously already knew what he was going to do (tack on these BS options). Funny how the salesman told me last week that it was MSRP and the price of the car was 30,995 + dest + tax. He was either a good actor, or generally felt bad when the GM and finance ahole came back with this crap. But that's game right? I felt like that poor sap in the movie Fargo with his "TrueCoat".

And the GM made sure I knew he'd be taking "my" car and showing it off at a local Memorial Day celebration.

Anybody got some SOA contacts?

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yeah.....you should go in and tell him to bend over so you can drive the car up his ass....BACKWARDS!!!!!!! OUCH....that spoiler will leave a mark!! :lol:
I was in somewhat of a similar situation recently...

Whay would you do?


silver Wheels crap

I went to see the car last Friday. I REALLY wanted to buy the car. REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to buy the car. I went back Saturday with my family to look at the car. My three year old was begging me to buy the car...


As much as I wanted the car, I want it with Gold wheels.

When I told the dealer no thanks. He said "That's OK someone from TX is buying it". And then stuck an "accessory" sticker on the car that brought the price up to $37K.

I felt a moment of panic / regret. I first put my deposit down last October. But now I feel calm. I am at peace with not having the car. In fact I am re-considering whether or not I am going to buy it this year.

Someone in a previous post said I represented the freudian "id" of the car buying community. I like the fact that I don't resemble that remark any more. And I feel like I am in a position to make a much better buying decision. I AM going to put in an order for a White/Gold that will probably get here in August. If it looks like the STi is still really hard to get then I will probably buy it. But if things have "cooled down" substanitally (as I expect they will), I may well pass on the car then as well.

Who knows, maybe I'll start saving for that Lamborghini Muira I have always wanted...
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Stand tough. You probably don't HAVE TO HAVE this car immediately to continue to eat or live. However, they do have to sell it for those same two reasons. Chill out. You think these are the only STi's that are ever going to be made?? They'd like for you to believe that. The supply is only limited to the demand. No demand, no supply. Huge demand and they will build them (and in whatever quantities it takes). Trust me.
Ok Gentlemen, thanks for the reality check.

I'm still gonna work 'em. They're gonna rue the day they met me.
Hey I don't know where all of you guys are located but it is rough to have waited and then been screwed by your dealers. But you should really search the boards and you can find great dealers out there if you post your locale. Our own Jason Murley would help you all he could, it might mean a wait, but you would get what you ordered. I ordered from Martin Subaru in Turnersville NJ, my car is on a truck due Wednesday with all of the options I ordered, and I know exactly what the price will be. There are even starting to be 'extra' cars out there if the boards are to be believed-saw a thread in texas where a guy said he had three to choose from. Sorry there are some awful dealers, but there are some good ones. Where are you located? It doesn't seem as if this guy is going to cave.SFRinNJ

Thank you, SFRinNJ. I appreciate that.
My apologies - I am always leery of giving out more than I need to.

I am located in Central New Jersey. I will not mention the specific dealer (yet - once it's resolved one way or the other, I will), as I am concerned about someone who just can't stand it reinforcing the dealer behavior and buying the car out from under me.

Murley, I have been impressed with what I've seen here on this board, but I kind of figured that since you were in the Midwest (and already helping a lot of other folks) that working through you may not be an option...how would it work at this point?

Thanks all.
Well Chris, I would be more than happy to help. All we do is put you on the list with a deposit and you get EXACTLY what you order. Simple as that. No gimmics, no last-minute changes in anything, just a straight forward expierence with getting the koolest car on the planet!
In case anyone was still following this thread - to close the loop...after a lot of pain on my part, and whining to SOA, I worked it out with the dealer. My "solution" was to take only the options I wanted, but I ended up paying their nicely marked-up price for those options. The dealer is World Jeep/Subaru, in Tinton Falls, NJ.

You could do business with them, but be prepared to take the car fully loaded with their options (I was assured that no one else was getting this deal, FWIW), and make sure the salesman you work with is Girsh Berman (he's a decent guy). Or stipulate clearly on the order that you want NO options (my mistake back in Dec 02, before we knew anything about these cars).

Or Order from Murley! :D

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