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Hey Guys! I've been around Subarus for a number of years and am often a ghost visitor on here to help friends with quirks etc and now I finally have one to call my own!

freshly imported from Japan, a 2005 STi (twinscroll) - while this is in relatively good condition, there a few things I have in mind to tidy up and of course a list of mods that I plan on doing when time and money allows. The only change so far is putting on some of the BBS STi rims that were an option on the 03 and 04 years (known as a version 8 here in NZ) rather than the Enkei ones this car originally was specced with. I had bought these some time ago with this in mind. these are shod in some lightly used Nankang AR-1's

As far as I can tell this is a complete bone stock ej207 and I will be chucking it on a dyno just for interests and comparisons sake for further down the track, once I have done a few things to it. If anyone is interested I can create a thread and chuck some updates on here

As I am a photographer I will be documenting and creating a fair bit of content with this if anyone is interested. I have an instagram: @JDM_V9 and will create a youtube channel at some point also.
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