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Special Brake Packages for the WRX:

Gruppe-S finally carrys Motul Fluid! People have been asking for some cheap effective brake combos for their WRXs for quite some time now. This is the most cost effective way to improve your brakes.

Porterfield R4S Pads + Goodridge SS Lines + Motul 5.1 Fluid

*The Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Lines will improve your pedal feel and stop unwanted line flex at high temp.
*The Porterfield R4S Carbon Kevlar Brake Pads have a superior coefficient of friction compared to the stock pads and have excellent fade characteristics. They'll take 20 minutes of weekend track time for beginner to intermediate drivers with no ill effects
*2 Pints of Motul 5.1 Brake Fluid are more than enough to flush your entire brake system. This is some of the best brake fluid out there (DOT4) and is track worthy stuff.

All 4 Corners for 02 WRX - $299 Shipped
All 4 Corners for 03+ WRX - $319 Shipped

If there's a package that you'd like and it's not listed, please don't hesitate to ask for pricing.


Phone: (510) 783-5300

We Accept Paypal!
Paypal: [email protected]
When ordering w/ paypal, please include the following:
product name: XXXX
sales rep: Mark
Price including shipping: $XXXX
Shipping address.

*CA Residents please include the necessary sales tax (7.25% or 8.75% for Alameda County)

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