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Heat shield rattle

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Anyone else struggle with this? I bought a beautiful perrin heat shield and get a terrible taking sound out of the engine bay. It has me leaning towards either the stick heat shield or a turbo blanket.
I'm not sure what I can do to fix it, so maybe y'all can lend me a hand with your advice?

It's all stock exhaust btw.

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First make sure its tight as F*&@ and second make sure its not rubbing against that metal insulated pipe that runs right behind it.

I struggled greatly with my COBB heat shield hitting that pipe. It had to be in EXACTLY the right spot for it not to rattle.
Did you get it to work out ? I tightened the f&#$ out of them and then double checked after a week. I also removed a bracket which wasn't required since it only mounts in the spots. I have been thinking about putting washers on the inside too act as spacers and maybe that will help...

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