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Ok, let's talk headunits and only headunits as they are the starting point for any system.

Brands, models, etc.

My perfect headunit:

2-DIN, Tape and 6-Disc In Dash Changer
MP3 Capable
XM or Sirius Capable
Built in Crossover, Sub-Out, EQ

Does such a beast even exist? If so, I would like to know... :)
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JJ, I am going to go with the same HU as 4MLA1FN is..the Alpine 7995. If you don't like Alpine check another company, but go with one that is silver faced to match the interior trim of the STi.

I own the Alpine 7994 in our 4Runner and it is awesome! It is a single DIN, MP3, CD with the works..XM, etc. With the MP3 discs you can hit "random" and have 10 hours of music just shuffling (at around 128K MP3s). If you're looking for more music capability go with a matching Alpine CD changer (but go with the one that has MP3 compatible CDR/CDRWs. I think that is another $230 from Cruthfield (for example). This way you would have up to 7 discs of music whether they are MP3 or regular CDs.

If you want the 6 disc with cassette stick with the OEM unit. <--which I wouldn't. As far as double din, get that if you want, otherwise get a nice install with nice install kit, or go with the Sparco car and have your gauges mounted underneath.
WRC Wing

I know on the 7994 (the model I have), and I am sure on the 7995 there is a rear aux input. You can actually install the HU to make the aux input accessible to anything you want to plug it into by adding an extension and then making the extension visible outside the dash.
I don't know if it uses the standard aux connection or a propietary Alpine connection. I would assume that you would still be able to plug in whatever you plan on plugging in, otherwise why have it?! I'll check my owner's manual on the 7994.

Yeah, the 7995 doesn't have a built-in amp, but if you're like me just get a nice 4-channel to run the 2 pair of speakers..that voilà you have a really nice sounding setup that is very simple and not too heavy. I don't plan on going with a sub, so the 5-channel is no biggie.
JJ, Here is the model number and link for the 6-disc I was talking about. It does do ID3 tags, etc.


Chawklit, the 1-DIN and 2-DIN basically means how many "slots" in your dash the radio takes up. For example I'm sure you've seen the radios that are double width that have the built in CD and tape...that's double din. The thinner (usually aftermarket) HUs are single din...
I never shop crutchfield b/c they are pricey, I just look. Never used mysimon.com though..hmm. Check out www.etronics.com They are decent.

Double-Din is basically the height of two aftermarket stereos..think about 5 inches in height..something like that...
try it now.
whathapp said:
my questions is, if getting a single din HU, anything going to be put in that remaining space under the HU?
I was thinking putting the HU on the bottom section of the double-din are and placing a 3-guage pod on the top part...you know gauges are most important..
Tints for Silver STi

It looks like an Apexi S-AFC. It changes the air:fuel ratio I believe.
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