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Hey guys, just thought I'd drop in and let you know about being down in Dallas this weekend and inviting you guys out to my race.

I'll be racing in the SKUSA (Superkarts USA) Pro Kart Challenge at Dallas Karting complex this weekend then again the next weekend in the Pro Tour race which is the national series. They are dual race weekends so technically there are 4 races between the two weekends.

I'll be racing the S2 Shifter Class if you want to keep track. If you've never heard of or seen shifter kart racing, especially on a national level, you'll be in for a treat if you want to head out there to watch. There is a race on both Saturday and Sunday of each weekend so either one of those 4 days you come out, you'll basically see the same thing on any one of those days. There will be food, stands, and all accomodations to go out and just watch a race as a spectator.

Here is the link to each race:

Pro Kart Challenge Regional Race - Texas ProKart Challenge | preliminary-schedule-rounds-1-and-2-at-dallas-karting-complex | Texas ProKart Challenge News | Regional Kart Racing In Texas

Pro Tour Race - SpringNationals - May 2-4, 2014 - Page 3

Here's a video of what you'll be seeing a whole bunch of. This is also the same track you would be at. Racing starts at about the 30 second mark.


This is my first race back after 4 years of no racing. I used to race but gave it up to start Edge. The first chance I could, I got back into it and this is my first race back. If you get a chance to come out, come say hi. I'll be in the CRG USA tent, number 59D with a green number plate and yellow number.

-JP Alonso
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