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General For Sale Rules
  1. You must be registered for 90 days before you can post your own For Sale thread (Donating members can circumvent this policy)
  2. You may only sell an item you have in your possession. Selling for someone else is NOT ALLOWED and is a 5 point infraction for both parties involved.
  3. You CANNOT sell any items you produce or any services you provide. That is called vending and in order to do so you must become a vendor.
  4. You must be an active member and have the common courtesy to respond and update those interested in your product(s). Members who do not update their thread for 10 days or more will be deleted and points assigned to your account. Buyers - Please use the Report Post feature
    if a user has not responded to a PM or thread post within 10 days of your inquiry
  5. Your items for sale must be provided in your thread. Do NOT post up links to other for sale threads on other forums.
  6. Maximum of three (3) active for sale threads per member, per for sale forum. Members with the need to create more than 3 individual threads MUST combine their parts into one PART OUT thread.
  7. Buyers, if you don't like the price posted by the seller, negotiate via PM. Do not criticize the sellers pricing openly in the sale thread.
  8. Frequent thread bumping more then once in a 24 hour period will result in points or your thread will be closed.
Thread Title Requirements
Failure to follow these rules will result in points being assigned to your account and/or having your thread deleted.

Step 1: Selling or Trading?
  • FS: = For Sale
  • FT: = For Trade
Step 2: Where is/are the item(s)?
  • (NorCal) = Northern California
  • (UT) = Utah
  • (LI, NY) = Long Island, New York
Step 3: Item condition
  • 2006 STI Stock w/ factory short shifter, 26k miles
  • Cobb DP Catted, heat wrapped, 2k miles
  • S203 hazard button great condition
The end result should look like one of the following examples:
  • FS: (Norcal) - 2005 STi: WRB, Stock w/ factory short shifter, 26k highway miles
  • FT: (UT) - 07 taillights for 04 taillights, 2k miles, excellent condition
  • FS: (LI, NY) - Cobb AP v.1, excellent condition, all items included
Thread Body Requirements
Selling Price MUST be included in every ad. Pictures are NOT required, but are highly suggested. However, "PM for pics" or "Email for pics" or "Text for Pics" is not allowed whatsoever...NO EXCEPTIONS

You will provide the most useful and pertinent information in your post. Put the information you would need to know if you were interested in this particular item. Some suggestions are:

  • Brand, item name, & model number
  • Condition (brand new, excellent, good, fair, scratched, etc.)
  • Quantity
  • Asking price
  • If Shipping is available
  • Any known defects, problems or issues buyer should be made aware of
After your item has sold or is no longer available, edit your original thread and title to say SOLD.
You can edit your thread title by editing your first post and choosing the "Go Advanced" button. Edit the "Title" and just replce your "FS:" or "FT:" with "SOLD:"

Failure to follow this may result in points on your account and your inability to post a future for sale thread. At this time, it is suggested that you add feedback to the buyer's user profile to keep our community informed of what to expect from said member. It is also a good idea to request feedback from the buyer about you as a seller.

Please review the following bullets for helpful information when shipping or dealing with a seller who will be shipping your items:

  • Seller should setup shipping information with buyer before payment is received
  • Items should only be shipped via major carriers (ex. FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS) unless another viable carrier is agreed upon by both parties
  • Items of value should be insured for their approximate value
  • Item(s) should be packaged well and be safe should it be dropped, kicked or otherwise abused
  • If available, the seller should provide buyer with shipping information such as tracking number, ship from location, approximate date of deliver and approximate weight/dimensions of box
Other Information
  • Any questionable threads/posts should be reported immediately using the Report Post feature
  • Any questions about available products should be handled between buyer and seller immediately before any money is exchanged
  • Any scammers should be reported immediately
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