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Has anyone heard about ETA's Yet?

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Deposit and taking delivery

This question is for the dealers on the forum.

Have any of you received information from your Subaru Representatives or Dealer Managers on delivery dates or allocation? My dealer says they haven’t heard anything, but I was wondering if that was representative of the rest of the Subaru dealer community.

Now that the May 1st Press Embargo is past I was hoping that SOA might be more forth-coming with delivery dates for the faithful customers that have held off purchasing a new car until their STi arrives.

I guess I can’t wait until my dealer calls me to let me know they have VIN#’s and ETA’s for their first few cars…..
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outcast said:
i talked my dealer(irvine subaru)today.
it's coming in 1st of june and they will get 16 units. :lol:
16!?!?!?! Damn! It looks like my dealership isn't even getting 1 STI in the first allocation. I am #1 on the list but that doesn't mean jack apparently at my Teenie-Tiny don't get no STI's subaru dealer. I am so pissed!!!! WORD!!
outcast said:
Of cource I'm in the 16. :D
but I don't know how many sti they'll get every month.

i saw Yoshiki at japanese grocery mkt in LA down town last saturday.
calpis water!!!
You lucky son of a gun!! Did he buy calpis water? Did you feel the aura of pure musical genious that surrounds him? Did you run out in front of his car when he was leaving and make an X with your arms and jump in the air? Thats what i woulda done......then he woulda ran me over, but it woulda been worth it! Peace!!
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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