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I joined this great site last week do to various reasons. First, its obviously the awesome STi (pre-ordered mine at MSRP with $500.00 refundable deposit, first :wink: on list at Casey Auto Group, Newport News, VA). Second, the cool group of people that populate the site, share information and keep the flames down to the minimum. When my end of month paycheck shows-up I'll even make a donation. Now that the introduction is over, back to the subject question.

Last week I'm waiting for the Metro Bus that will take me to work and here is passing this Blue WRX STi like vehicle on Burke Center Parkway at Fairfax VA. I could only see a 3/4 rear view but I'm positive it was a WRX with gold wheels and the STi rear spoiler (see it all the time in my computer screen). Now, this morning I'm in my truck (01' Lightning) heading for Quantico and while waiting for the green light to get on Fairfax County Parkway, there goes what looks like the same vehicle again???

Never had a chance to get plate and see if it's local or what, but now I'm starting to wonder if this is an STi or a look-alike pretender? I heard the dealers training program is in PA around June, also read there were already some STi's for the training program in CA, but nothing else. If there is an STi around DC area, "where is it?" I would like to go and take a close look (and ride!). Anyone got any idea where these "train the dealer" STi's are? Thanks in advance for any information, Evil One :evil: .
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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