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This is on a GR STi.
So, some of the little backlights on the switches, buttons and the "STI" logo on the shifter base are all not working, yet they are functioning normally, just no lights. All windows go up and down, the buttons on the Navi all work, the lock buttons work, but they don't have any backlight. On the driver side switch panel on the door, half of the backlights are on, the other half are not... There's nothing else wrong, just no backlights on what I described.

Could the BIU/BCU under the steering wheel be the culprit? During my rebuild last November I removed my dash to flock it and fix the firewall crack. I ended up loosening the steering column and I let the steering wheel and column rest on the large wire looms that are attached to the BCU for a while. I checked fuses but didn't see any blown.

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