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GTSpec 2008-2012 Hatchback Spoiler $250 + 65 shipping

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2) GTSpec 2008-2012 Hatchback spoiler.
BlackTop Double Deck Wing Spoiler Subaru WRX Hatchback 08+

It is the one from this link. $250 + $65 shipping (unless close for pickup)
Has a very small crack, however unnoticable and does not affect spoiler performance.

PM me or respond if interested.

pic of small crack:

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where were you a week ago before I ordered from a friend from Taiwan because blacktop aero has been backordered on these spoiler for a while. Anyway, GLWS!
Right now there web site is down. can you email me a picture of the crack?
I am at work so am unable to see the pics. What color is it as well.?
[email protected]

depending on where the crack is I'll take it.
There is currently someone interested in the spoiler. I will let you know if it doesn't fall through.
i'm interested as well if both of them fall through.

is there any extra drilling into the car or does it uses the existing mounting from the original spoiler?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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