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Hey guys,

Gruppe-S 4-1 Headers
We finally got the Gruppe-S 4-1 Headers back in stock!! These headers work well for the 2.0 car and work GREAT for the 2.5 car. Gains of over 18 ft/lbs are seen on a modified 2.5 STI! Order yours now before we run out again! :)

$399 Shipped!!
$599 Shipped with Jet Hot Coating

Want to run 12's without having to run a super laggy turbo? The IHI VF22 would be your turbo of choice. On race gas with the proper supporting mods (turboback, intercooler) and a good tune this is your 12 second package. The key? The larger flowing IHI VF22 as well as the larger injectors for more fuel (100 octane):
-HELIX 660cc Injectors
Want to do it on C16 with a VF34 instead of a VF22? Add $100. Both are good in stock!

Forged WRX Shortblock
-Wiseco Pistons
-Helix Forged Connecting Rods
-Gruppe-S Race coated bearings
-Proffessionally Assembled, Balanced, etc.
$1599 + Shipping One at this price
*Note the picture below is of the STI 2.5 shortblock, the WRX SB is open deck.

Rebuild completion is 2 weeks. 50% deposit is required. Please contact us if interested. We offer professional installation and tuning also. Thanks!

USDM 2.5 WRX Engine - Fully Forged
-Complete engine, includes intake manifold, pulleys, injectors, gears, covers, etc.
-Wiseco Custom spec pistons
-Helix forged connecting rods (+2mm available, contact us)
-Gruppe-S Race Bearings
-Complete with heads
-Cometic Gaskets
$3999 + Shipping One at this price

[email protected]
510-783-4300 fax

Turbo Packages

-IHI VF34 Turbo
-Walbro Fuel Pump
-Cobb Access Port for DBW
-270whp / 275ft/lbs on 91 octane
$1499 Shipped!!
($1449 for non DBW WRX)

IHI VF34 or VF22 + Helix Power 660cc Injectors + Walbro Fuel Pump+Ecutek Reflash
-Send us your ECU and we'll reflash it and we'll overnight it back to you
$1949 shipped for VF34 package!!!
$1899 shipped for VF22 package!!!

IHI VF34 or VF22+ Helix Power 660cc Injectors + Walbro Fuel Pump + Installation + Ecutek Reflash + Custom Dynotune
-Please call to schedule an appointment
$2299 shipped for VF34 package!!!
$2249 shipped for VF22 package!!!

IHI VF34 - $869 Shipped!
IHI VF22 - $799 Shipped!

Helix Injectors:

Helix Power 860cc Injectors for STi + Walbro 255L FP and setup kit - $565 Shipped!
$495 Shipped for just the Injectors!

- Ideal for 20G, Green, Red, GT30R, GT35R, etc.
- 550WHP Capable

New Helix V3 Downpipes!!!

Helix V3 Downpipe for 02+ WRX / STI - $199 shipped

The Helix V3 downpipe incorporates all the popular features of the V2 downpipe with the addition of an external wastegate provision. This provision allows for external wastegate gases to be vented back into the downpipe. Helix also re-designed the bellmouth to reduce production costs without sacrificing the SS304 mandrel tubing, high quality TIG welding, etc. The end result is a better downpipe at a lower price.

The Helix Cams (great for all you Hybrid 2.5L WRX head guys out there) are finally back in stock!!!

Helix RNA Series Valvetrain and Cams- 2001+ Subaru Impreza EJ20 (non-AVCS) $999 shipped
The Helix RNA camshafts are designed specifically for high power Subaru applications without sacrificing drive-ability and streetability. The RNA cams work well on the 2.0 platform, with a minor reduction in low end torque while providing truly impressive mid and top end power gains of over 20+ whp, and truly come alive on larger 2.2 or 2.5 liter applications by providing the extra intake and exhaust that the larger displacing engines need.*
*Helix Valvetrain is recommended for Helix Cams.

Helix RNA Series Cams- 2001+ Subaru Impreza EJ20 (non-AVCS) $519 shipped
While it is highly recommended that these cams are used in conjunction with the Helix Valvetrain, they can also be used with your stock valve train (which allows for 10mm of lift).

-SPECS: 264 Duration, 9.6mm Lift,Titanium Retainers, Dual valve spring, with spring seats
-APPLICATION: EJ205 / EJ207 Non-AVCS only
-RECOMMENDED MAXIMUM REDLINE: 8500RPM (w/ Helix valvetrain and supporting bottom end only)
-This cam and valve train package in the 2.0L WRX heads w/ a 2.5L SB make peak power numbers that are actually better than many of the 2.5L STi motors that we have tuned with similar supporting mods.


Phone: (510) 783-5300

We Accept Paypal!
Paypal: [email protected]
When ordering w/ paypal, please include the following:
product name: XXXX
Price including shipping: $XXXX
Shipping address.


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My bad the $1599 blocks are for the 2.0 guys only. We do have Stage 1 Fully Forged 2.5 blocks at $2699 though!


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