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Group picture from PCA event at Watkins Glen 7/26 - 7/28

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We had good Subaru representation at the PCA (Porsche) event at Watkins Glen.

We managed a 2:23 despite major brake problems:

Fastest group for HPDE I have ever been in, and some of the best instructors I have seen. Very serious about safety. Just wish they had longer sessions.
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Looks good man. Glad to see you back on the road.
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Just wish my brakes were not over heating. I know I could have broken 2:23 with the instruction I was getting. Learned so much from the PCA instructors.
I did with still brake lines and new front rotors. I hope the 2014 does not appeal to me. I'm in 10k on this one on mods.
You should Go Pro a run sometime. I'd like to see this car in action.
I did. It came out awesome. I just have to edit it. I also have video from the back straight and a few other places on the track.
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