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Perrin Pitch Stop
Torque Solutions Rear Diff Bushings
Prothane 6 Speed Shifter Bushing Kit 16-1603
Circuit Motorsports Clutch Master Cylinder Brace
DSS Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
Goodridge Stainless Steel Clutch Line
ACT Streetlite Chrome-Moly Flywheel
ACT HDSS Stage 1 Clutch

Suspension / Chassis Bracing
Whiteline Com C Front Strut Mounts
RCE Black Springs ( 0" drop, stock struts)
RCE 25.5mm Hollow Front & Rear Sway Bars
Rallitek RTEK-113703 - Front End links
Super Pro SPF3915K - Rear end links
Super Pro SPF2889K - Steering Rack Bushings
GTSPEC GTS-SUS-1344 - Fender Reinforcement Brace
GTSPEC GTS-SUS-1404 - Rear Low Arm Tie Rod Brace
GTSPEC GTS-SUS-1322 - Front Strut Tower Brace
Cusco 692 541 A - Rear Strut Tower Brace
Cusco 687 492 RS - Power Brace Rear Member Side
Cusco 692 492 RM - Power Brace Rear Subframe
Cusco 692 477 A - Front Lower Arm Bar Type II
Cusco 692 026 A - Steering Rack Bracket

Perrin Reverse Lockout Lever
Flossy Grip Tape Shorty
Solid Mods Vent Pod
SMY Dual Gauge Pod
PLX DM-100 OBDII Gauges
Whistler Pro-3600 Laser Radar Detector
Red LED Dome Light

STI JDM Black STI R205 fender badge
Color Matched OEM Trunk Garnish
JDM Rear Fog/Brake Light
Jon Motoring ChargeSpeed Style Front Lip
SickSpeed Supertone Horns
Hella Horns

Engine Dress up
Subtle Solutions Radiator Shroud
Perrin Radiator Shroud
Subtle Solutions Alternator Cover
Perrin Engine and Boost Solenoid Cover
Kartboy Battery Tie Down
Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator Stays
VMS Radiator Stays
Intercooler Splitter

GrimmSpeed Master Cylinder Brace
Goodridge Phantom Brake Lines
Motul RBF600 Brake Fluid

Extended Wheel Studs - ARP 100-7716
Motorsport Tech 15mm Wheel Spacers
SSR Hub Ring Adapters 79.5-56.1
SSR Type-C 18x9 +55
Summer: SSR's with Bridgestone RE-71R - 265/35/18
Winter: Stock Enkei with Dunlop Winter Maxx - 245/40/18


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Post#10 - Stereo Install (Power)
Post#11 - Emergency Kit
Post#12 - Change Holder
Post#18 - Stereo Install (Power) - Pt2
Post#19 - Radar Detector Install
Post#20 - Radar Detector Install - Pt2



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Stereo Install
What I wanted to do when I started this install was to keep it as low profile as possible.
The first stage was connecting power lines.

This is the bracket I made for the circuit breaker.

It mounts the breaker behind the battrery.

Here's the wiring job from the battery to the breaker.

This is a close up of the connection to the battery post.

6000 Miles 10/15/12​

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Emergency Kit
Here's what I ended up doing with my emergency supply's. I originally had them in a bag, but it kept flopping around in the trunk, driving me insane.

1 roll electrical tape (yellow)
1 roll silicon tape (white)
2 small rolls duct tape
1 leatherman skeletool with extra bits
1 first aid kit
1 Gerber shovel
1 tow rope
1 set of jumper cables (wrapped around the spare)
1 poncho
1 pack of hand wipes
1 pair of work gloves
1 flashlight (up front in center console)


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Change Holder
I was getting tired of hearing my change rattling around in the cup holder, so I found this online. It fits in the cup holder and allows you to still close the lid. Model: Bell 09708-8
[URL=http://imageshack.us/a/img145/4720/img20121106120617.th.jpg]Image Link
[/URL][URL=http://imageshack.us/a/img441/4746/img20121106120559.th.jpg]Image Link

Some would say .. not worth posting

I say it's a worthy little device as I can relate with the whole " change rattling around thing " :rolleyes:

Great start on the Journal GroundZero :tup:

PS: Pay a little visit here ;) --> imgur: the simple image sharer

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Horn Install

I left the 2nd stock horn in place near the passenger side fog light. I think it sounds neat with the three tones.
7,500 Miles 03/18/13​

Update - The Sickspeed horns started to rust, so I replaced them with some new Hella horns. I kept one Sickspeed horn in the stock fender location.


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Installed my Torque Solutions rear diff bushing inserts today. WOW. Install.... not so bad. Result... Awesome. I can't believe how much of a difference they made. No noticeable increase in vibration. Looking forward to putting in the rear subframe bushings. Well.. not looking forward to the install. just the results ;)
8040 Miles 04/20/13

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Radar Detector - Part 2

I mounted the hub here with some zip ties

I found a switched 12v source here temporarily until I can run something more permanent. Also mounted the speaker here.

Until I can think of a better place, I have the display mounted here. Its held in place with friction. I'm open to suggestions if anyone has any. I'm going to see if i even need it.

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