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Re: Should I buy...an STI?

September 2nd, 2003, was the 51st birthday of a personal hero of mine, tennis player Jimmy Conners ("I hate to lose more than I love to win. I hate to see the happiness on their faces when they beat me"), and the 64th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II. It was also the birthday of Christa McAuliffe (teacher/1st civilian chosen to go into space...sadly only making it to the eight-mile mark), Mark Harmon (who only narrowly bested me the in Sexiest Man of 1984 People Magazine poll), that fine actor Keanu Reeves (?) and lawyer Robert Shapiro (who played an integral role in the defence of O.J. Simpson). Quite the mixed bag. I would only kill one of them, if given the opportunity in a dark alley. I shall leave it to your imagination which one.

It was also the day that I drove home in my new white Subaru STi. My first impression? : "Holy poo-poo, Batman!"

I shall expand upon my prelimary evaluation of the performance characteristics of the car after sharing the following anecdote with you:

As is so often the case when people drive their new cars off of the lot, some goof almost caused me to crash during my first freakin' minute of STi ownership. I had just turned out of the Subaru City lot and onto 178 St. southbound from 102 Ave., and hadn't even traveled 200 metres, when one of those trucks that carry large glass panes blew through a stop sign on the service lane on the north side of Stony Plain Rd. at a right angle to my path and cut in front of me. I had to hammer on the brakes (changing lanes wasn't possible due to other traffic, so I had no other option available except hard braking) and then, of course, the goof following too closely behind me almost ran into the back of my car. Had there been a collision, I strongly suspect I would have earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for the quickest calamity leaving a dealership. I know I would have gone directly to the nearest licenced premises and quaffed several bottles of Guinness! Yeah, I would have had to immediately gotten blind drunk and then gone to sleep for 36 hours. No question about it. It would have crushed my spirit.
I was SO lucky to have avoided the virtually unavoidable.

I then managed to find several novel excuses between 1700-0100h. as to why I simply HAD to drive to this place or that. Accordingly, I have now made it 1/16th of the way through the recommended break-in period during which I am dissuaded against taking the rev's past 4000 rpm. The pull just from 3000-4000 rpm is astonishing; low-end torque that is completely amazing coming from a 4 cylinder, and the peak horsepower still awaits at 6000 rpm! There is a monster waiting to be unleashed from 4000-6800 rpm. You can just tell. I cannot even begin to adequately describe the cornering ability. I have absolutely no doubt that I could throw the car into a square 90 degree corner at 70 km/h without so much as spilling my coffee. I KNOW this to be true because I have already done so at 65 km/h. It can't be described; it must be experienced. I already intuitively know that I would have found an Evo to be just too twitchy. The steering input feels to be absolutely the right compromise between performance and day-to-day driveabililty. I like it just fine.

I should get a business licence allowing me to charge $47 per 30-minute ride. It being a sedan, I could scare the shiite out of three people at a time (four; if I get too close to puncturing the performance envelope), thereby earning $282/hour. Hell, I could pay for this beast in a just a couple of months! Don't tell Revenue Canada, eh? Hee hee...

I think a fine investment would be a reflective blue "A24" decal for the roof of the car, so as to confuse the operators of the police helicopter into thinking the Subaru is actually a police car...I am SO bad! Spank me!

My salesman Ole Hansen, a good Dane, gave me a really cool Subaru STi watch today. A brand new feature of Subaru City STi deliveries, apparently. A nice touch. I will choose to think that the watch cost $47K and that the car was thrown in for free...

I wonder if I looked dignified at the dealership today, or came off as being a little 48-year old boy getting a toy beyond his wildest expectations?

I spilled my coffee all over the showroom floor at one point during the delivery procedure...'nuff said! -Graham
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