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GR OEM 5-Spokes ... $250

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-OEM GR 5-Spokes for sale
-Northern VA
-You pick them up and they're yours for $250 CASH
-Excellent shape
See pics here ... http://sdrv.ms/1f81RM8
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how much tread on the tires?
-Wheels have TPMS and the original pink STI center caps.
-Tires are the original OEM Dunlops.
-Tread is legal but not great ... especially on the insides due to negative camber.
-Hope this helps.
Are you willing to ship? I'll take them and pay to dismount tires and pay for shipping. PM me.
Quick update; Somebody is coming to see the wheels this afternoon. I will put a status up later today and let you know if they are available or not. Thanks for your interest.
SOLD. Thanks for your interest all.
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