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GR Hatch ECU harder to make power?

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Need some advice here guys....this is the setup:
Dom3, 1000CC IDs, DW200, KN 3" intake, 3" exhuast, FMIC, TIAL BOV, crower rods, mahle pistons, stroked 2.1, JDM motor.....
We have only been able to make 330whp on this setup using a 1:1 etahnol and E90 mix we made 373Whp. These numbers seem low to me and i think that the tuner should have been able to extract a little more. When the car was bone stock it actually made 340whp. Is there a big difference in tuning these engines compared to the GD ecu? A GD with the exact same mods made 40whp more any ideas? stock sti makes 220whp on the same dyno.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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