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Hi Guys,

Trying to figure out 2 things:

1. How to fit rear Stop Tech ST-22 08 STi kit onto an 06 STi with no parking brake?

2. How to fit the Stock Brembo GD rear caliper onto a GR with parking brake?

Stoptech only made st22 for 08 and st40 for 06. Not sure the brackets are compatible.

Also, will 06 STi brembo rear caliper bolt up to 08 STi brembo with 08 rotor?

Comparing the 08 rear hub to the 06 rear caliper, it is clearly a larger bracket -- swapping hubs won't work because the 08 has different rear suspension pickup points.

So -- I need a bracket to put the stoptech st-22 on the 06 sti and another bracket to put the GD brakes on the GR.
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